Meet Joan, a Guest House volunteer caregiver

January 23, 2018 | Mindful Caregiving, Model of Care, The Guest House, Volunteer Caregivers

Joan begins her shift by greeting each Resident. She always asks how they are doing, knowing that some days are better than others. If a Resident is able, Joan accompanies him or her on a walk around the Guest House or a visit to the garden. She is ready to listen, if they would like to talk. Perhaps to hear their story; definitely to learn from their insights.

Many times a Resident doesn’t wish to speak. Joan rests her hand on their forearm. She doesn’t ask permission; rarely is her hand brushed away. Joan understands the profound power of the simple human touch. It is mutually satisfying.

Joan discovered Zen Hospice Project in 1995, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, while accompanying a dear friend seeking a place to die. In a time of enormous fear and great lack

of knowledge about the disease, the Guest House was a rare place of understanding and solace for those wanting to die with dignity. Almost immediately she felt that hospice work would be her heart work; upon learning of volunteer opportunities, she applied, was accepted into the program and began her training.

Joan has volunteered for over 20 years at Laguna Honda Hospital and at the Guest House since 2010. With her background in business and in renovating houses, she was a natural choice to help the renovation of the Guest House, overseeing contractors during the multi-year process. She speaks warmly of contractors generously donating above and beyond their bids, giving time and materials to this most worthy project.

Volunteer caregivers arrive for their shift with no agenda other than to meet each Resident where they are at the moment. The concerns of the rest of the world wash away quickly, and then they are completely present and ready to give openly and compassionately to others.

Joan says goodbye to each Resident at the end of her shift.  She often thinks “but I am just getting to know you”, yet she closes the Guest House door behind her fully understanding they might not be there when she returns the next time. And that’s okay. She made the connection and they felt it.

Joan believes death is the greatest teacher.  She has learned much over time,  and yet knows there is yet so much to learn.

For those of you who would like to consider becoming a Volunteer Caregiver at Zen Hospice Project, please click here.