Our Mindful Family Caregiver Program

January 18, 2018 | General, Mindful Caregiver Education, Mindful Caregiving, Model of Care

 Mary Doane, Educator, muses about Zen Hospice Project’s Mindful Family Caregiver Program

“It is challenging in the best possible way!” Mary proclaims, as a senior instructor of the Mindful Family Caregiver Education Program, launched by Zen Hospice Project in late 2017.

A core faculty member of the education program, Mary first explains that designing and refining the curriculum has brought to her new levels of respect for her colleagues. Her admiration has grown even deeper for people she was in awe of to begin with.

In the Mindful Family Caregiver courses held so far, Mary’s says her primary experience is that of being moved. She has been deeply touched by what today’s family caregivers are contending with. While she’s had some personal experience, in addition to her lengthy professional background, Mary had thought she somewhat understood the full extent of the caregiver experience. “But to be in these classes now,” Mary shares, “To witness people, to see them, to hear their struggles and to feel the overwhelm that people are dealing with… it is truly humbling.”

It is clear to her that the Mindful Family Caregiver Education Program is responding to the enormous and unique need of support for family caregivers. Mary is honored to be part of a program that meets this need in an effective and conscious way.

Speaking further about the Family Caregiver experience, Mary says, “A major challenge family caregivers face is the feeling of being alone – alone in their struggle. What we are finding in our classes is that most people feel isolated in their caregiver role. They don’t feel seen, they doubt if they’re up to the task, they feel overwhelmed and exhausted.” Hesitant to reach out to others, many caregivers don’t want to burden their friends and family by “venting” all the time.

What can best help in this all-to-common situation? “Reminding people of their own inner resources,” Mary has realized. “Each one of us has these inner resources, such as compassion, self-compassion, patience, and connectedness in a broader sense. In our program we offer Family Caregivers ways to access and trust these internal resources… either again or for the first time and to be witness in community with other caregivers.”

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