Tom, a beloved Guest House Resident

April 3, 2018 | General, Mindful Caregiving, Model of Care, The Guest House, The Guest House Kitchen

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Tom was just one of the many Residents we served at our Guest House in the past year. Because of the generosity from donors like you, we were able to serve Tom at end of life with no cost to him. Tom’s generosity to others throughout his life prevented him from being able to afford the cost of care at the Guest House. Had he not been cared for at the Guest House, Tom’s prognosis would have placed him with in-home hospice care, under the supervision of a single hospice care nurse for one hour, twice a week. Tom’s final days could have ended in an acute care setting, while connected to an array of machinery. Yet, Tom’s final days were the opposite of that, full of comfort and happiness complemented by the compassionate care of Zen Hospice Project caregivers.

One of our Guest House nurses shares her story:


Tom lived a life of service as a nurse and a chiropractor by profession, and as a valuable friend, mentor and teacher.  He touched many, many lives with grace and healing.  After his intense life-long devotion to the well being of other people, it was especially meaningful for him to receive the nurturing and care from us at Zen Hospice Project.  

In the homey warmth of the Guest House, he was able to deeply receive the love of his friends, family and former colleagues, and of our nurses, volunteers, cooks and staff.  This was a profound process of letting go of old identities and roles to embrace being loved as the beautiful, whole human he was.  A radiant person, Tom glowed with gratitude at the Guest House, often tearing up with thankfulness for his lovely room and for the attentive love and care from our staff.  

Tom loved us right back, adding to the joy and deep meaning of our time caring for him.  He was able to truly live, love, enjoy, heal and grow, right until his last breath with us at his bedside in the Guest House.  We are all grateful for our time with Tom and forever touched by him.

Tom touched us and left everyone with heart-filled gratitude to have met him and his family.  


All of us at Zen Hospice Project thank you for your support and generosity with hope that you will continue to give, so that we can continue to help more people like Tom at end of life.  Please support Zen Hospice Project and people like Tom.  Give today! No gift is too small.