Clinical Care

Our priority is the quality of care and quality of life for residents and their families.

Our on-site clinical staff work with our administrative team and  trained  volunteers to provide a range of services that ensure a private, comfortable, and healing environment.  Nursing staff at the Guest House provide  around-the-clock care, including symptom management and emotional support for residents and families.   There  is always  a Nurse and a Certified Nursing Aide available to support residents.  This care is coupled with three shifts per day of volunteers trained in  contemplative-based care for residents and their families.  Other available services include a range of complimentary  therapies such as  massage, live music, energy work, and acupuncture.

All of the above care is provided in partnership with a home hospice agency.

For specific questions about clinical care, please contact our Nursing Director at 415-913-7682 ext 105.