Mindful Caregiver Education teaches contemplative practices and skill-based approaches for successfully navigating the challenging caregiving environment. Our approach has demonstrated success for improving care through increased well-being for caregiver and care recipient.

Exploring such topics as communication, compassion, and loss, our education incorporates meditation, writing exercises, experiential activities and thought-provoking discussion. Every course is designed to cultivate awareness, compassion and resilience in everyday efforts.

While the focus of Zen Hospice Project is on end-of-life care, our Mindful Caregiver Education reaches further into the caregiver's world. 

Our methods provide an internal support structure for caregivers. Classes are a great opportunity to develop a personal practice that improves interactions not only with those in our care, but also with others in our lives. Participants have shared that Mindful Caregiver Education courses have improved relations with their children, spouses, co-workers and employees.

Learning to improve our caregiving abilities is an opportunity to become better human beings as a whole. This growth process enhances all our relationships, including with our own selves.

Participants can expect to enjoy restful days of self-reflection and connection with like-minded people in shared situations.

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Foundations of Mindful Caregiving offers a deep immersion into the proven practices for cultivating mindfulness and compassion as tools for supporting caregivers.  For more information click here

Zen Hospice Project is proud to announce a special Mindful Caregiver Eductaion series specifically dedicated to family caregivers. For more information on this four part series click here. 

Discovering Mindful Caregiving introduces Zen Hospice Project’s model of care and provides tools for developing a more conscientious approach to caregiving. For more information, click here

This is the next step following the Foundations course. Designed as both a check-in with our personal practice and a straight look into real life experience, Advanced Mindful Caregiving is just that – a further exploration into your role as a caregiver. For more information, click here.

Mindful Dementia Care is an introductory course specifically designed to support persons in the role of caregiver for people living with various dementia illnesses. Click here for more information