Discovering Mindful Caregiving: A Daylong Immersion

Discovering Mindful Caregiving: A Daylong ImmersionDiscovering Mindful Caregiving: A Daylong Immersion

This daylong immersion introduces Zen Hospice Project’s model of care and provides tools for developing a more conscientious approach to caregiving.

Through expert instruction, group discussion, and engaging exercises, we explore inspiration, loss, compassion, and other elements of the caregiving experience. We also practice mindfulness meditation, a cornerstone of conscientious caregiving. 

Cultivating Mindfulness for Engaged Care: A foundational approach to using our role as caregiver as an opportunity to grow as human beings. This practice give us a framework and language to understand our experience of weaving mindfulness into our caregiving.

Imagining the Mindful Caregiver: We’ll identify key qualities we aspire to in our own roles as caregivers and consider ways to assimilate the qualities into our caregiving in a deeper, more meaningful way. This is a good way to identify those who have inspired us in our role as caregiver.

Loss and its Influence on the Caregiving Experience: Examining how we relate to loss – an inevitable part of life – allows us to recognize when our emotional response influences caregiving in unhealthy ways. We also learn how to attune to the experience of loss unfolding in those for whom we care.

Cultivating Compassion: We break down the process of experiencing compassion into its component steps to best understand how we are impacted by suffering when in the role of caregiver. And, we explore the typical barriers to expressing compassion toward self and others, focusing on how to overcome such barriers. 

These one-day education sessions are held from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. (Sign-in starts at 9:00)

The fee for the Daylong Immersion is $299.  

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