Advanced Mindful Caregiving

Advanced Mindful CaregivingAdvanced Mindful Caregiving

Your next step in Mindful Caregiver Education.

Advanced Mindful Caregiving will build upon the basic practices of integrating mindfulness into caregiving and daily life. Your participation is an opportunity to deepen skills and connect with a supportive community of current and future caregivers. Like our other Mindful Caregiver Education, this course will be experiential and will provide practical tools to support you in all aspects of your life regardless of your caregiving role.

This daylong course explores:

Therapeutic Use of Self: This helps us learn to differentiate between the story of self-concept and essential self. Caregivers recognize their role in supporting care recipients by cultivating an ability to shift between self-concept and essential self.

Paradox in Caregiving: Getting real, we must recognize the inevitability of failures in the caregiver experience. We examine our relationship to failure as well as success, and we consider ways of staying engaged without attachment to outcome.

Self-Care Practices: Sustainable caregiving requires self-care. It is not optional. We discuss aspects of self-care including assessment, intention, obstacles, self-compassion and practical ways to fulfill this necessity.

Working With Doubt: An exploration of the uncertainty inherent in caregiving. We acknowledge the universality of doubt, and provide a methodology to overcome the limiting power of this common reaction to challenging circumstances.


This course also includes mindfulness meditation and mindful movement.

These one-day education sessions are held from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. (Sign-in starts at 9:00)

The fee for the Advanced Mindful Caregiving course is $195.  

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