Mindful Dementia Care

Mindful Dementia CareMindful Dementia Care

Zen Hospice Project offers an introductory course specifically designed to support persons in the role of caregiver for people living with various dementia illnesses.

Building upon a foundation of mindfulness and compassion, this training will focus on the cultivation of resilience and a deeper understanding of the unique challenges facing dementia caregivers.  Attendees will delve into resilience-based teachings that will offer a platform to practice and add to their skills for caring for those with different forms of dementia.

Family caregivers, professional caregivers or even persons with early stage dementia diagnosis are welcome to register and attend.

Subjects covered by our skilled instructors include the following:

     -Resilience building practices

     -Alternative healing modalities, such as touch, music and art

     -Mindful meditation

     -Grief associated with long term, incremental loss

These one-day education sessions are held from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. (Sign-in starts at 10:00)

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