Mindful Caregiver Education is based on Zen Hospice Project's 30 years by the bedside.

Who should take our Mindful Caregiver Education?Who should take our Mindful Caregiver Education?

We have trained thousands the art of Mindful Careging.  Here are some of the larger groups Zen Hospice Project has trained:

Informal or Family Caregivers: Those who have found themselves in the role of caregiver for a family member or close friend. For those not currently a caregiver, cultivating these practices now is important preparation for this role you will likely inhabit at some point during your life.

Professional Caregivers: Those working in clinical roles and seeking a heart-centered approach to refine efforts, build resilency and avoid "burn out." Nursing CEUs available.

Business Professionals: Those seeking to deepen leadership skills or improve communication with colleagues, employees and team members in corporate and small business environments.

Mindful Individuals: Those developing a mindfulness practice to support relationships with family, friends, the public and one's self.

Taken a class before? As Mindful Caregiving is a discipline to be nurtured, Zen Hospice Project recommends repeating any class as your practice either develops or diminishes over time. It is never the same class twice, considering changes in instructors, group participants and your own life.

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