Window Into Mindful Family Caregiving

Window into Mindful Family CaregivingWindow into Mindful Family Caregiving

Interested in engaging more deeply in a conversation about death and dying? Need support in your role as a family caregiver? Looking to deepen your mindfulness practice? Or, are you just curious about Zen Hospice Project? This evening orientation is designed for you.

We welcome you into our Guest House as we gather to discuss our Mindful Family Caregiver Series. This free informative evening serves as an introduction to our unique approach to compassionate end of life care, a glimpse of our educational offerings, and an opportunity for self-discovery through a sample module exercise.

This evening will benefit those who wish to:

  • Learn more about Zen Hospice Project
  • Engage more deeply in a conversation about death and dying
  • Gain support as a family caregiver
  • Develop a career in caretaking
  • Deepen a mindfulness practice
  • Connect with like-minded people in shared situations
  • Gain understanding of the importance of self-care


Learning to improve our own caregiving abilities is an opportunity to better ourselves as human beings. This growth process enhances all our relations, including with our own selves.