Dear Friend,

Your generous support of Zen Hospice Project has helped us build upon a thirty-two-year history of compassionate caregiving. Thank you. Our organization began by training volunteers to serve at the bedside of the terminally ill; more recently, we have broadened our focus to educate and train clinical and family caregivers. This is how we are addressing a growing social need.

Our country is facing a crisis of caregiving. An estimated 43.5 million family members in the U.S. currently care for a loved one. All too often, with inadequate support and training, they become nurse, therapist, and care coordinator while struggling to meet ongoing work and household responsibilities. We are excited about the curriculum we have developed and tested to address the unique circumstances faced by family caregivers. As our volunteer program thrives on the Palliative Care floor at Laguna Honda Hospital, we are increasing our capacity to impact positive social change through Mindful Caregiver Education (MCE).

Perhaps you know a family caregiver. Perhaps you are currently fulfilling that role yourself. A donation to Zen Hospice Project will help burdened family caregivers gain much needed insight and skills through the MCE program. This is no small thing; supporting our work can change the lives of both a caregiver and the recipient of their care. This is how we continue to make a difference. Please help us expand our impact.

We could not have come this far without the generosity of our donors. Thank you for considering a donation to support the future of our education and volunteer programs.


Roy Remer
Interim Executive Director