Guest House Admissions & Application

In order to ensure we provide the best care possible for you or your loved one, please carefully follow these steps:

  1. To avoid unnecessary paperwork, review our General Criteria for Admissions  before filling out our application. 

  2. Contact our Admissions Team at 415-913-7682, ext 105 or to set up a visit or consultation.   During the consult, we  will answer any questions you have and  inform you about room availability and cost of care.

  3. Click here to download our application and fax it to 415-840-0097 or email it to 

If the criteria for admissions are met, you will be asked to provide additional information, including documents from physicians and health care providers. Documentation of Tuberculosis (TB) status is mandatory.  Please be  aware that a TB skin test takes three days for results.

Admission Application

The Admission Application is available here . Fax it to 415-840-0097 or email it to  Once completed, our Admissions team will contact you. 

Additional Forms

These forms are needed ONLY after you have have completed the Admissions Application and had a site visit or a consultation from our nursing staff.

Guest House FAQs

For additional information, please  review ourFrequently Asked Questions about the Guest House