Our Care Model

Paying attention to both the secular and sacred, we help transform the art and science of caring for people at all stages of life, including life’s end.

Our  care integrates  deep compassion with interconnectedness. We create the space for a transformative experience for patients, families, and caregivers alike. Including and beyond pain and other symptom management, Zen Hospice understands that much of what concerns us are issues of an emotional, spiritual, or existential  nature, which is  why we integrate the best practices from many disciplines into our work. 

At the BedsideOur approach of high-touch versus high-tech treatment  is not only generally preferred, it also comes at a cost savings for both individuals and society.  Such a model is fast becoming a necessity, as ever more of us face chronic, advanced, and finally terminal illness—further straining our healthcare system. This will not only shift the economics and quality of end-of-life care, but will help shift all care giving toward the pursuit of quality of life.

Imagine a society where we support each other in the quest to live fully all the way through to the very last moment of life—then beyond for the family and friends in wake.  That's the cornerstone of our caregiving model. 

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