Our Impact

Our ImpactOur Impact

Our direct care, educational programs, and inspirational support have served more than 31,000 people.

Zen Hospice Project  is reaching new levels of influence  and our caregiving model is becoming a much needed agent of change. We see opportunities to set  new standards for end-of-life care that meet the needs of more people.  This is a testimony to the power of the Zen Hospice community—our volunteers, donors, care givers, staff, and families—and to what we’ve built and nurtured over almost three decades.

Training Caregivers

In the past three decades, Zen Hospice Project has trained more than 2,500 volunteer caregivers to provide compassionate care with a contemplative approach.  We continue to build upon that accomplishment by training and supporting more than 50 new volunteers each year.   

The lessons and expertise that we've gained from 31 years of training and supporting our own volunteer corps has provided a solid foundation to educate other professional caregivers.  This past year,  we developed the curriculum for a new, collaboratively taught  elective with the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, designed for an inter-disciplinary audience of medical students, critical care nurses, and residents. Based on this success, we're working on designing and piloting training programs for other caregiver communities, including direct care workers (home health aides and nursing assistants).

Creating New Models

Our Guest House has evolved as both an incubator of innovation and a collaborative learning environment. Our team has created a flexible service model that works in tandem with a range of community-based volunteers, allied healthcare professionals, and medical and social experts, in a way that is highly cost effective and compassionate.   

We are also working with insurance companies to provide coverage for our care in order to make our services more financially viable for families. Through a pilot with Health Net, we are working in partnership  to create a new path for compassionate residential care.  By offering their members our residential hospice services, we are demonstrating the benefits of compassionate and cost-effective care.