Planned or Estate Giving

You can can help ensure and support Zen Hospice's long-term future with a gift to our Endowment. 

The language used in bequests, wills, and trusts needs to be exact, so we recommend contacting your attorney or tax advisor for more detailed information.


You may include Zen Hospice Project when preparing your will, or ask your estate planner to add a codicil to an existing will designating Zen Hospice Project as a charitable beneficiary.

Life Insurance Gift

You may designate Zen Hospice Project as the beneficiary of an insurance policy.  You will be entitled to an income tax charitable deduction in the year of your gift.

Retirement Plan Gift

The principal advantage of donating retirement plan assets to Zen Hospice Project is that you avoid income and estate taxes on that asset. You may instruct the institution that handles your retirement accounts to designate Zen Hospice Project as the beneficiary of your 401K, IRA, pension or other retirement plans. 

Charitable Remainder Trust

Transfer assets to a trustee and each year you and/or someone you have designated will receive income from the trust. The trust may last for a term of years or for life. The trust allows you to receive an income tax deduction now, arrange for tax-free growth of retirement assets, and receive a retirement income from the trust. When the trust ends, the remaining assets will pass to Zen Hospice Project.