Gifts of Stock

Using appreciated stock or mutual funds is a tax-wise way to fund your gift to Zen Hospice. Gifts of appreciated securities held longer than one year are exempt from capital gains taxes, and outright gifts entitle the donor to a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities at the time of transfer.

To avoid exposure to capital gains tax, the stock must be transferred to Zen Hospice Project.  We then sell the stock from our account.

Please contact us at (415) 913-7682 Ext 102 or to notify us of the transfer details so that we can properly credit your gift and provide you with a letter for tax purposes.

A: Please provide the following information for Wells Fargo Advisors via First Clearing Corporation. Our contact at Wells Fargo Advisors is Bonnie Johnson (415) 395-2401.

Deliver to DTC 0141
Account number: 8914-7436
Account name: Zen Hospice Project

 Please provide:

  • A description of the stock that is being transferred, including the number of shares of which stock you wish to donate
  • The title and number of the account you wish the securities to be transferred to: Zen Hospice Project.

 B. Inform your broker to designate stock gifts to:

Zen Hospice Project

Tax ID# 94-3155375

273 Page Street

San Francisco, CA 94102